Anglizen Koans: FAQ

Fictitiously Asked Questions:

Looking at my visitor stats, I can tell that many readers who do not know me in person are stopping by. So far, I have not received any questions about my blog from them, but I figured they might like a source of information. So I present here a series of questions I think a visitor might ask. If I get asked questions which do not appear on this list, I’ll add a Frequently Asked section to this page as well.

1) What is this Blog about?

This is a journal style blog to record and reflect on my religious thoughts. It is not my intent to make posts which are not religious in nature on this blog. My goals are: First, to record my thought processes and help myself refine and reflect on religious ideas. Second, to place these thoughts in a public space which will help me to feel a need to keep recording them and not simply stop writing. Third, to provide a record by which I can review my thoughts, noticing areas in which my ideas have changed or matured, or topics I feel I need to revisit. Fourth, to make these records in a manner which allows others to benefit from my musing, as well as challenge my ideas if I seem to go astray.You may also want to read this early post.

2) Why Anglizen Koans?

Well, it is a portmanteau of Anglican and Zen Koans. As a review of my posts will show, I am a strong believer in the power of parables, riddles, and fairy tales as potent devices to teach about truths which transcend the material world. I personally find Zen Koans to be an outstanding form of this method, and find much in common with the teaching style of Jesus Christ. I wanted to show the point of view my theology comes from (Anglican) as well as my preferred form of thought (Koans).I do not wish to convey that the form should override the message. I am Christian and truly believe that Jesus is the Christ, and not simply one of many good teachers of morals.

3) Who is the author?

I'm Teilhard Lewis, aka the Anglizen Dreamer. I have intentionally kept most details of my offline life abstract on this blog. I am an active attendee of The Episcopal Church (USA) services, but I am not at peace with the conflicts and actions of the Church Visible in the present conflict with disaffected members and congregations, and I am deeply concerned for the well being of the Anglican Communion. I have explored many religions in my lifetime, and am not a lifelong member of the Episcopal Church. I consider myself to be aggressively questioning of beliefs, and proudly label myself as Heterodox, amusingly for much the same reason that G.K. Chesterton labeled himself as Orthodox; I find a firm foundation in the Creeds, and feel great liberty to explore everything else. I want to make clear that I may come from directions or make assumptions that more Orthodox thinkers and believers would eschew, but I am firm in my desire to better know my Lord and to love as he has loved. I do lead Evening Prayer services when our Rector is unable to lead midweek Eucharist, and derive great joy from fellowship of other Christians, inside and outside of the Anglican Communion.