Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A (not so) Brief Post About My Posts.

Let me make a quick aside to provide a few disclaimers and qualifiers, so that potential future readers might have a fair understanding of what to expect from my writings.

In my writings here, I am providing myself an outlet for thoughts, ideas, confusions, and quandaries which occur to me. It is an outlet to help me better reach an understanding of what I think and feel, and hopefully promote a deeper harmony between them, and perhaps even strip away some of my delusions and aid me to grow nearer to my God in heart and deed. As such, I will often venture into what is, for me, “the deep end” of thought, philosophy, theology, semantics, semiotics, soteriology, and other topics which are remote to many people or viewed as of little direct consequence to their lives. That is fine; in fact I think that one can be an amazing Christian and exemplar of a Christ-centered life without ever giving these topics active and dedicated consideration… but I am drawn to such ideas, the root Doctrines and deep Mysteries of the limit (or lack thereof) between our material and spiritual beings. If these musings seem frivolous to you, or if you feel I am worrying over matters which are not material to salvation, I respect your view but would simply ask that you respect my curiosity and not take pains to point out what I am already aware of.

This is a personal journal made public, and a point of embarkation for voyages of curiosity, it is not a scholarly journal or pulpit of official pronouncements. As such, I may often mention in passing ideas, philosophers, theologians, books, or studies without providing a proper academic citation, or providing clear information to follow up for those who wish to know more. In these cases, feel free to ask me for more information in the comments or by email. On the reverse, I may incorporate by reference ideas and schools of thought which are well known by me, and proceed to build points on content derived from them without restating them. This may be poor form, but this is a place of ideas, a second cousin of stream of thought, if you will. It would disrupt and undermine the outlet of these musings for me to pause to find citations or restate ideas well known to me. I apologize for any opacity this gives my writing to those unfamiliar with the same sources, and again ask that if you desire clarity, I am happy to provide it in comments or private emails, but am unlikely to insert it into my ramblings.

In the event, which I do not consider unlikely, that I make a factual error (not merely an alternate interpretation or opinion) in my reference to others’ thoughts and works, I will try and make it my habit to provide an in-line edit which provides the correction parenthetically next to the error, so that later readers may see the same post as those readers which caught the error, but the corrected information will be clear.

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