Thursday, March 8, 2012

God, the Great Explorer

A brief post to share a thought and to confirm I am not yet dead. My apologies for the long silence, I have just come out of a very busy window of time at work in which the time I had free to post was time in which I was too mentally tired to say anything interesting, now I have something interesting to say.

In the speech of those who wish to portray faith and science as opposing forces, the argument is usually framed from the perspective of how new knowledge in Science “Damages” knowledge obtained by faith, but I have been idly pondering an interesting idea of late, a way in which knowledge gained by faith may be used to inspire and enrich our research into science.

My idea, still a germ and certainly not formed well enough to truly defend or fully expound yet is simply this; IF God as we know him exists, then we have not only a hope but a surety that something within reality exists which from our present perspective allows faster than light travel. It may be that it does no such thing and relies upon as yet unknown properties of the so called “collapsed dimensions” or on a multiversal model in which taken as a whole faster than light travel simply does not happen, but for God to be everywhere, and to be aware of creation at all times means that his knowledge, the information of God, is able to manifest in all places at once, granting effective faster than light transmission of information. Who knows, maybe this property is unique to the divine, maybe this property is denied to crude clay and we will gain these same abilities only after our resurrection, but the simple implication is a hopeful one, our dreams of Science Fiction are not in vain, the stars are not hopelessly distant and unknowable.

Just a thought, floating free and waiting to be refined, remade, and more deeply probed, perhaps it will spark ideas of your own.

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